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What makes different from the other dating agencies?

There are serval reasons why our service is the better option for you, if you are serious about getting married with a latin woman.

  • There are serval reasons why our service is the better option for you, if you are serious about getting married with a latin woman.
    Here are some reasons:

    • Our women are all actually seeking marriage with foreign gentlemen.(On other dating sites it will take serious time and nerves to find a colombian girl that is actually seeking marriage as well.)

    • How many men are successful in finding the right latin wife via some dating chat site, then traveling to her home country keeping the contact alive and then getting married? The truth is:
      Only a small percentage of men are sucessfull finding the right latin wife all by themselves!

    • This is why you should leave the matchmaking to professionals, in order to save money, time an nerves.

    • Our female members are quality Colombian women from good family backgrounds. The mayority are even well educated for Colombian standarts. We do not accept prostitutes or webcam models.(If you have been a member of other latin dating sites, you will have found out that many girls just want to offer their web cam services or turn out to be prostitutes.)

    • When you become a member of our agency you can take advantage from our professional translation services from the first contact until marriage.

    • Although the google translater is better than other online translaters,  is still far away from a professional translation. This WILL lead to missunderstandings.

    • Compared to other agencies our translation services are economic because our memberships include unlimited translations. Without extra fees!

    • We do not recommend our clients traveling to Colombia by themselves. Sure Colombia is not as bad as it was in the 80´s but it is still not the safest place in the the world. If you are a survival artist or if have traveled to other Latin American countries before, you can go to Colombia all by yourself without a doubt. Don´t expect Bogota to be like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile or Mexico City.

    • Form our experience, most probably, you will have a much better experience if you choose a professional dating agency to guide and support you through the whole process. Especially if you do not speak any Spanish and have never been to a Latin Country.

    • We do promote Colombian tourism! Colombia is a wonderful country, not least colombian women are world famous for their beauty! Do we do recommend to enjoy to Colombia with the professional guidance of your trusted tour guide.Check out out Bogota romance tour here:

    • Contact us now for a free consultation! Click here

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