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Guide to understand Colombian Women

A lot of men visit Latin America because the women there are some of the most beautiful in the world and they want to meet them.
I’ve seen a lot of men try hard to attract latin women …with little to no success.

I´m not talking about americanized latin women they can not be compared with "real" latin women living in Latin America.
The usual methods don’t really work on colombian/ latin girls, because their psychology is different.

What Do Latin Women Think
About Men From Different Cultures?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that men from the U.S. and Europe who have gone to countries like Colombia to seek Latinas haven’t left such a good impression.

Many men have gone to Latin countries and have been seen having sex with prostitutes and ugly-looking women. Every woman, no matter where she’s from, has something in her head called “pre-selection”. That word means that women are attracted to men who surround themselves with women of high value.

It’s probably happened to you that an ex girlfriend starts looking interested in you because she sees you with another more attractive girl. The problem is that pre-selection can also be negative. And most foreigners who have gone to Latin America have shown a poor pre-selection.

 For this reason, Latinas tend to associate foreigners with that bad image the others have left before.
There are 3 types of tourists in Colombia.

1. Adventurers =
Young backpackers traveling through South America.

2. Hippies = Drug tourists

3. Sex tourists

(None of the above really wants to get serious with a Colombian woman.)

Nevertheless, they know that foreign men are sincere, honest, respectful family oriented ect.
Many of them have heared positive stories from their friends that married a foreign man.
This is why these women join the agency.

So what kind of men are Colombian Women seeking ?

First, lets make clear what they are not seeking in foreigners:
Most Colombian women are not just seeking a one night stand, because they will think that you
are just a sex tourist. More than that, they are afraid to be labled a slut, due to the religious
and moral bounds of her culture.

All women in this agency, or lets say in Colombia, are looking for same ideals.
They want to form a family, with a sincere and respectful, kind, affectionate and honest husband.
No more! Thats all!

Whats the big deal then? Can´t they find a sincere, respectful and honest husband in Colombia?
The answer is no, because they don´t exist.

If you can convince them that you meet the above criteria you will be the man of their dreams.
Its just as simple as that.

If she flakes on you do not get mad. Latin women are the flakiest of the world. This culture doesn’t care about time and compromises. In a country where there is no future, time just doesn´t matter. A terrible mistake that guys usually make is to show themselves so mad because some Latin girl flaked on them.

Some guys even send messages telling the girl that it was so rude to have flaked.
Don´t do it. That she flaked on your doesn´t mean that she doesn´t care about you.

Sounds illogical. Well latinas sometimes are illogical. They think backwards. She most probably wants to meet in a different occasion. When a Latin girl knows that a man got mad at her for it, she prefers neither to say she was sorry nor to answer the phone ever. Because she feels embarrassed.

However, if you can understand their culture you will have a big advantage over other men and it’ll be easy to win their heart.

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