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The situation of the modern Colombian women

The modern colombian woman of today, especially women from Bogota and Medellin are much different now then Colombian women
from, lets say, 30 years ago.

About 20-30 years ago in the Colombian countryside, arranged marriages with underage women to much older men, where something totally normal. 

The common believe was that women should not study or learn a profession, rather they should just give birth and  raise as many children as possible. Women with 10 - 15 children were  not unlikely in these days.

When female emancipation hit Colombias big cities, the ideals of Colombian women changed.
Suddendly they didn´t just wanted to spend their lives in raising 10-15 children, but instead they wanted to study and pursue careers.

They started to create their own fashions and feel independent.
In Bogota and Medellin you will find one of the most educated women of all Latin America.
In modern professional life Colombian women are seen almost as equal to men . This means that women are accepted in higher positions, even though they still earn about 25% less than male co-workers who are working in the same position.

They still can not be compared to some american or european women who have in mind to pursue a carrer and nothing else.

It is still hard for a Colombian women to become independent as they wish.
Due to the lack of sexual education, naivete and imprudence many women get pregnant at a young age and 95% of these women are left behind  alone by the begetter and never hear from them again, once they find out that she´s pregnant.
They think that the guy who told her that he loves her will be her future husband and will take care of her and the child forever, but in the most cases its not the case.

For these women its more difficult to pursue a carreer, because they have to raise their children by their own.

I give you an example:
After high school a Colombian girl studies 3-4 years in a university and if she is lucky she´ll get "a good job" in a bank and will earn about
350 USD the month.  After a couple of years she can sleep herself up (Sorry but I´ve seen this too many times. This is a reality in Colombia) to about 500 USD. In fact I´ve met serval beautiful "bilingual secretaries" that didn´t know English at all.

The rent of just a room, a room not an apartment, costs 250 USD.
The cost of living is higher than in other cities.
Bogota is 53rd most expensive city in the world for expats. 
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- Modern Colombian women have more opportunites today to become independet then 25 years ago, especially in Bogota.

- The girls want to study and pursue careers and get somewhere in life instead of just giving birth to children.

- Still the percentage of women who reach real independence is very low, due to the low salaries and the high cost of living.

- Real ambitious Colombian women, dont waste time with Colombian men, do not have kids, they only focus on their careers and when they hit their 40´s they realize that they´ve spent their half life  paying the mortgage for her small apartment and that she is still alone.

- I´ve met beautiful Colombian women that prefer not to have Colombian boyfriend again and rather stay alone forever.

- For me  it is still an illusion that Colombian women can become independent, if they pursue a "career" and end up in a dead end 9 to 5 job. (I havent met a single Colombian girl that could afford her own apartment or room and make an independent living with her salary, rather than just to survive.)

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