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Dating Colomian Women: 5 Tips

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1: Don´t just go for looks !

If you want a true partner to build a relationship with and a family focus on her personality and background story.Because this is not always easy to do by oneself, the best way is to hire a trusted matchmaking agency, experienced with Colombian women.
If you are seeking a family oriented relationship be sure  not to select a Colombian girlfriend based just on her looks.

Sexy latinas?

Sure, at first glance Colombian women are sexy and you can even find one that is both smart, caring and sexy, but if “sexy” is your only objective, and you don´t have professional support (from a trusted matchmaking agency or a trusted Colombian friend), I guarantee you will end up with the gold digger that will only  require a credit card to stay “fun.”
Many Colombian women and Latin Americans women are desperate in solving their economic situation and usually have kids they had at a young age. So dont´t go into it believing she will be the perfect wife.

Is it their charm ?

Most foreigners are charmed by the personality of Colombian women because they are very welcomming to foreign men.
“Western Men” are seen like the perfect men among Colombian women.
Colombian women are charming experts and a gold digger can “easily hide her true intentions. It all depends were you look for your date mostly and what kind of support you have.
Only Colombian men, or other Latinos can look under the appearances.
Most Gringos are blind to see the true intentions, because they simply do not know these kind of ladies.
Dating sites??
Gold diggers love “free dating sites” latin american / colombian cupid, badoo ect, because there isn´t any control or screening.
If you use common sense you can tell that if she asks constantly for money she is after no good. Unless you don´t have a problem with being a Long Distance Sugar Daddy, this where it should stop.  If you can maintain a nice conversation on topics of interest, she is working or studying to progress on her own, you have found a Colombian woman worth dating.

2: Learn How to Dance!

If you want to Impress any Colombian woman you should have at least basic dancing skills.
Dancing is a cultural element in Colombia. It is just as natural as walking, sleeping or eating.
If you do not how to dance in Colombia, it´s like not being able to walk.
Dancing is important  cultural element because this is only way how 99% of the Colombians can entertain themselves.
If you do not learn to Salsa in your youth, learning it as an adult is a pain.
You do not need to be the floor master. Just learn the basic steps and try to follow the rhythm of the songs. Just keep her tight to your body.
Latinos dance very, very attached, and this is why in countries like Colombia dancing is key in the seduction game.
No sitting!! Nothing turns down Latinas more than sitting on the table drinking all night.. Dancing terribly is better that not dancing at all.
Also make sure not to talk to much on the dance floor.

Colombian woman dancing salsa.

3: Be careful with Agauardiente

Aguardiente ( anis snapps) is Colombia´s national drink. It is literally means “hot water”. It’s very basic alcohol, be careful because some Agaurdiente in Colombia is adulterated. While most Colombians seem to be immune against adulterated alcoholic beverage, but when a gringo drinks this “hot water” can result in poisoning or even blindness.  Colombians drink it in tiny glass shots and do not even taste it as it doesn´t taste good. It’s like drinking antiseptic alcohol.
If she drinks aguardiente, which is normal, try to do so as well.
Beware: Rejecting their Colombian National Drink can be seen as very offensive.
The headache the next morning will be horrible. This doesn´t happen with vodka or even tequila.
The best advice is to drink as little a possible or reject Agaurdiente at all and tell them that you never drink alcohol.
This is called a "media" in Medellin, which is half botle of aguardiente. In Cali it is called "caneca"

4: Make Compliments about Her Personality and Beauty

Colombian women will appreciate any nice comment from you.
Sometimes they seem to dress to incite and they are very sensual in their gestures. Compared to other cultures, physical contact is very normal and they might stay close to you. But do not interpret this as in invitation to bed them, try it and you will ruin everything. Physical contact in dancing is seens are normal, even natural not intimate.

5: Colombians Have an Obsession About Hygiene!

It is not like Colombia is one of the cleanest countries in the world. If you have ever been in Bogota you will understand.
But to have to know that Colombians have some kind of enchanced olfactory sense ( like dogs).
If no one cares about your manly sweaty armpit scent in Houston, Texas.
There is a possibitly that you will stink in Colombia.
Colombian women are very sensitive to these kind of “natural body odors” and the use tons of deodorants and cheap parfumes to mask their own undesirable odors.
Make sure to use a strong deodorant and a strong parfume !
Also make sure you dress well. In the U.S it is normal to dress very casual, but if you travel to Colombia for date women, leave the tourist shorts and sandals at home, shave well and dress your best.
In the U.S even a millionaire can dress in shorts and sneakers and no ones cares.
In Colombia people are rated by the way the dress ( and smell ).

6: Meeting the Family

Colombians have large families and keep close ties. This must be the strongest cultural disparity compared with Americans and Europeans. If you plan to take the relationship to the next level, you need to be liked by the family.
Just being a foreigner (from a first-world-country) with a 9 to 5 steady job, will guarantee that her family will love you and treat you like a god, because her family will have the hope that you will marry her.
Give them a gift, preferably some sweets from your country. They love it.
Dad would like to hear from your job, business or studies. He wants a nice stable future for her daughter.
If dad isn´t extraordinary rich (like in 0,01% of the cases) you don´t have to have any kind of special education of high income to be liked by dad. Remember, even with an American average salary you are seen as filthy rich in Colombia.
Mom is happy if dad, grandma and her little daughter are happy.
The best dinner conversation with her family would be how advanced your country is “The roads are perfect and everyone drives nicely… there is no homeless people on the streets… education and health are entirely free… .”

Samstag, 29. April 2017

Types of Colombian Women: Rich Girls

Colombia is a country of contrasts. When in the U.S about only 1 % own all the wealth of the country, in Colombia it´s the 0,01 % that own all. In countries like the U.S.A there is at least a middle and upper class. No that there is no middle or upper class in Colombia, but the percentage of the middle and upper class Colombians is way smaller, compared to the large percentage of low class Colombians.
In other words, given that Colombia is poor country, where 0,01 % of the population own everything,
the percentage of “Colombian rich girls” is very low.

So how are Rich Colombian Girls?

Colombian rich girls live in the upper class neighboorhoods or in big mansions outside of the big cities.
Rich Colombian partents tend to totally spoil their kids. They always have maids that do everything for them (including doing their homework). They do not have to move a finger in their life.
Don´t expect from these kind of girls that they will cook for you or even clean the floor.
These girls are spoiled to the point that they can not even fry an egg.

Rich Colombian Girls ofen are put in bilingual schools, so chances are good that she will speak English.

Also these are the girls that will study in one of the very few top universities of the countries, where the study fees are so high that only rich colombians can afford it.
In Colombia it is not very common to see women driving their own car.
But if you see women driving in Colombia, it often is an expensive car.
So if you see a woman driving Mercedes or BMW in chico, Bogota, you can bet that she is rich Colombian girl.
These girls only drive short distances, from their house to the shopping mall which often is a 5 minute walking distance and they would never dare to enter other neighborhoods.

These women are prepared for a life outside of Colombia. 

For upper class Colombian parents it is almost normal to send their kids to life, work and study in an other country. It is even a question of pride among rich Colombians. If you are a upper class Colombian and you haven´t managed to send your kids in a first world country, it is seen like a failure.
You have to know that most Colombians can not afford to send their kids to study in other countries.
The only way these girls would accept a life in Colombia is with a job with very high income.
These jobs are resevered for rich Colombians and divided among themselves.
Also, these kind of girls will actually have traveled.
When you screen through Colombian women profiles online, you will find out that many mention “viajar” “travel” among their hobbies.
The truth is traveling for 99% of Colombian girls means visiting the next village, or if the live in the city, visiting the Colombian countryside.
Only Colombian girls from wealthy families or upper class models or prostitutes can afford to travel to other countries.
This is an other point in favor of upper class Colombian girls, because they most likely will have a VISA and they would be able to visit you in the U.S.
Because they have travelled they will also have a more expanded horizon and will be able to discuss different topics with you, compared to other Colombian ladies which never left their city or village their entire life.
One of the downsides of these kind of girls can also be extremely vain and they look down to 99 % of Colombians as if they were inferior creatures.
Rich Colombian girls are mostly very educated, but not always educated in terms of behaviour.
As we have mentioned, basically they are raised by maids thats do everything for them, and they often let them get away with everything.

An other big point in favor of these kind of ladies is that they will have ZERO interest in your money or citizenship. Because they have money and can afford to live in an other country.
These girls will be primarly interested in finding a suitable partner, close the their age.
Rule of Thumb: The wealthier her background the lesser the posibility that she will accept a much older partner.
Some of these girls only accept an age difference of 5 years, whereas 98 % of Colombian girls accept an age difference of 10 – 20 years.

Samstag, 22. April 2017

9 Things you need to know when dating a Latin women in Latin America

9 Things you need to know when dating Latin women in Latin America

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Why do American Men marry Colombian Women ?

Why do American Men marry Colombian Women ? Click here

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Colombian Model – Adriana Cardona

Colombian Model – Adriana Cardona Share if you like !

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Find out why "first world women" are complicated and how Colombian women are different.

Find out why "first world women" are complicated and how Colombian women are different.
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Colombian Fitness Model Anellela Sagra

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Top 5 Myths about Latinas

Latinas enjoy getting a lot of attention from foreign men. There are many stereotypes about latin women. Basically through the media you get to know all kinds of stereotypes of how latin women are. The following article want to clear up the most held on myths.

Click on the following link to read the article:

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9 Things you need to know when dating a Latina in Latin America

You might already have come across articles like “Things that you need to know when dating a Latina…”.
Most of these articles refer to Latinas that have been raised and are living in the USA. Even though they still have some of the characteristics, Latinas living in the USA are “americanized” and think and behave different than Latinas in Latin America.
This article informs you about 9 Things you need to know in order to make a good impression when dating a Latina in Latin America:

Click on the following link to read the article:

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How to find a latin wife

In this article we want to provide you with valueable information on today`s topic: how to find a latin wife. Each day a lot of single men from the United States, Canada and Europe contact us. They are single men who are successful in their profession but something very important is missing in their lives. They have a clear wish to find their life partner.
Our female members are looking for a commited and stable relationship.

Colombian women are very loving and family-oriented ladies. If once committed they take care of their partner, themselves and their future family.
Another interesting and very positive fact is that the Colombian ladies have a high self esteem. The majority of them take care of what they are eating and like to go to the gym, hiking or other sports.
That´s why many Colombian women look great even if they are older!
Unlike western women these single women are not superficial, unfaithful and emotionally dead. They are not afraid of taking responsibility. Colombian women believe in love in the traditional way and like to express their femininity in an elegant way.
These ladies are ready to relocate into another country and to learn the language to continue working there. Some of our female members do speak English.
Some single men think they have to look amazing and do need to have a lot of luck to find  their life partner.

Just because you didn´t have luck in your local area, it doesn´t mean that south border it will be same.

From our experience we can assure you that you do not have to look like a model. It`s not about luck.
Our experience has shown that the best way to get to know sincere and faithful Colombian Single women is through a quality matchmaking. There are many reasons why choosing the right service  will save you a lot of time, money and nerves.
If you also believe in love and a committed relationship don´t wait any longer and contact us via E-mail or Skype.

And let us explain you how we can support you to find your life partner. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your My Colombian Wife team.

What makes Colombian women different?

nataliabetancurh4 Instagram.jpg

If you consider to date foreign ladies, you have probably already tried to date local women and want to try to date women outside your local area to see if they are less shy, less emotionally dead, less rude, less spoiled, less vain, less complicated and less sophisticated.

The good news is:

Yes there are women out there that are different!


Colombian women are known to be one, if not, the most beautiful women on this planet and they have much lower expectations (due to Colombian men). They are looking for other qualities in men

This means:

Just by choosing Colombia to seeking your foreign life partner will seriously increase your chances to find your match enormously.
Let us explain you why:

1. From our experience we can tell that in general most American / European men do much better in Colombia than in their home country.

Colombian women have other ideals. They are just looking for a sincere and loyal partner that treats them good and stays with them.

Additionally, all Colombian ladies are attracted to American and European man, especially sincere and faithful men who are looking for a life partner. Even age, weight or race does matter much less to Colombian girls.

2. We personally get in charge to find you a wife

We do things other matchmaking services or dating websites don´t:

On My Colombian Wife you can find much more than just someone to chat with now and then…

Many gentlemen have found their life partner through our services.

– If you become a member we will translate your profile into Spanish
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In Colombia we will provide you with a personal professional interpreter and dating coach to give you the best possible support in your journey to find your soul mate!

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Are Colombian Women right for me ?


Are you interested in Latin Women ?
So you may have come across Colombian Women.
You might be attracted by their beauty but you are not sure what these women are like, or if they are suitable for you?
Colombian Women are right for you when

-> You are interested in Latin Culture.
->You have had it with women in your country.
->You are single and seeking a long-term-relationship.
->You would like to have a family and kids.
->You are divorced and you are seeking a new start with a foreign lady.
->You are a single dad and looking for new wife.
->You are seeking younger and attractive women.
->You are seeking  loyal dedicated women.


6 Reasons Why I Recommend Visiting Colombia

Cabo de la vela – Picon de Azucar – Guajira – Colombia

1. Incredible Variety of Natural Beauty

Colombia is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world, but knowing that in no way prepares you for the true natural beauty you’ll find in Colombia. Colombia is blessed with majestic mountains including the mountains surrounding cities like Bogotá and Medellín that form the foothills of the Andes as well as the highest coastal mountain range in the world that passes by Santa Marta and hosts a coastal rainforest and ecological haven, beautiful beaches on both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, exquisite deserts filled with forests of cacti, and an impressive swath of rainforest environments, both in the Amazon and beyond. Whatever part of Colombia you end up in, you won’t be able to escape the presence of the natural beauty around you!

Click on the following link to read our article:

8 Dating Tips For Colombian Women

Please take in mind that women from other countries and cultures may be different from women in your country.
Here is what you should consider if you are going to Colombia the first time or if you want to “win the heart” of a Colombian lady.
In order to be successful with Colombian women, you have to know what kind of prejudices Colombian women have about foreign men. Knowing that, you will have a great advantage and you will know how to behave correctly.

Foreign men in general are very well seen among Colombian Women. Most Colombian Girls are seeking foreign men because the consider them to be “the ideal husbands”. Nevertheless, like mentioned before, there are some prejudices that Colombian Women have...

Click on the following link to read our article:

Latin Women - Matchmaking - Bachelor Tour

Discover our monthly Romance/  Bachelor Tours to Bogota, Colombia.
Meet family-oriented Latin Women seeking marriage.

Click here for more information:

Cartagena - Colombia Travel Guide

Click here to read the article:

Get to know attractive Colombian girls seekin foreign single men

 Have your ever been to South America before ?
If you haven´t been to South America before you will encounter a cultural shock. Because everything is very different to the USA or Europe. Colombia is now much safer than 20 years ago, but it is still very chaotic. Also, you will encounter a country where it will be hard to find anyone speaking English. Colombia is a great country to visit but you will have the best experience with a professional tour guide who will be always there for you during your stay in Colombia. Many of our clients have had a great experiences in Colombia, which they wouldn´t have had in the same way if they would have travelled alone.

Get to know single women in Colombia:

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First world women are complicated…

What happens is that women here have an extreme oversupply of attractive, nearly perfect men.
Thus the ladies have become very demanding to the point that they don´t even know that they want!
Some of them have such high standards that almost no one can meet.
Germany, by the way, has more single women than men. There must be a reason why. Right ?
Single women outnumbering single men is also phenomena in the USA. (Click here for further info)
The guy has to look perfect, have a perfect body, a high education and a high income. ( Patrick Bateman sends his greetings )
These kind of women don´t take any shit at all.
If you say something wrong then it´s over before you even realize what you said wrong.
These kind of women are capable of breaking up out of the most ridiculous reasons.
Additionally, women especially in Germany are extremely stuck up and shy.
Also men here are very unobtrusive and shy when it comes to approaching women.
These factors make it a hard game for first world men that aren´t “perfect”, but
even the “perfect” guys have a hard game sometimes dealing with these kind of women.
So what happens in third world “Macho-ruled” countries like COLOMBIA ?
Well, to make it short, the situation is quiet the opposit.
Colombian men are an extreme oversupply of attractive women.
If you ever have been in Colombia, you will know that Colombian women are the privileged sex by nature, when it comes to beauty.
Elenora Mendez-9
Not just that, most Colombian men also treat women worse than dogs.
Colombia is also one of leading countries in domestic violence in Latin America.
Colombian women, if they don´t want to stay alone, just can´t not be picky or demanding when it comes to men.
Additionally, if you aren´t a Latino, you will not know that Colombian men even have a bad reputation among other Latinos!
In other words, Colombia lacks of quality men.
Colombia men don´t can not even provide these women with the most basic needs like.
-> Honesty
-> Sincerity
-> Trust
-> Responsability
-> Respect
-> Understanding
-> Stability
Colombian Women in general as much less sophisticated than most “First-World-Women” due to the lack of “good” men in the country.
Most Colombian men are not interested in long term or marriage minded relationships with Colombian women.
They tell these women everything they want to hear to get laid and then move on.
What is a “good” man in the eyes of a Colombian Girl?
Among Colombian women, pretty much every American or European guy is considered to be the perfect husband.
The vast mayority of Colombian women are very traditional “old fashioned” and are just seeking marriage minded gentlemen with the upper mentioned characteristics.
With other words, they are just looking for someone with whom they can procreate / have a family with and stays with them forever.