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3 common stereotypes about Colombia in South America

The image of Colombia in South America which  most have in their minds is by far not the best, thanks to the media which are showing only the drug traffiking, kidnapping and an evironment were war is everywhere. Basically we all believe in a lot of stereotypes about Colombia that we have heard in the media.

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Top 5 stereotypes about Latinas - South America, Colombia

Latinas enjoy getting a lot of attention from foreign men. There are many stereotypes about latin women. Basically through the media you get to know all kinds of stereotypes of how latin women are. The following article want to clear up the most held on myths.

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South America, Colombia

One of the most beautiful actress in Colombia, South America: Danna Garcia -

Danna Maria García Osuna (born February 4, 1978 in Medellín, Colombia) is popular actress from Colombia, South America and best known for her roles in telenovelas.

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Tourist attractions in Colombia, South America - San Andres Island

General infos about the island of San Andres in Colombia, South America:

: San Andres Altitude: 2 Meters Extension: 26 Km 2 Population: 65.000 inhabitants
Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius Economy: fishing and tourism Telephone prefix: 8 (098) Getting there: By sea or air

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Facts about Colombia in South America you didn`t know

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Which travelers do fall in love with Colombia in South America

Colombia, South America, many foreigners come to the country on vacation and meet someone and fall in love, not only of their new acquaintance, but with the country itself, the friendliness of the people and now the expandition of the market, are just 2 reasons to fall in love and to decide to live in Colombia.

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