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Types of Colombian Women: Rich Girls

Colombia is a country of contrasts. When in the U.S about only 1 % own all the wealth of the country, in Colombia it´s the 0,01 % that own all. In countries like the U.S.A there is at least a middle and upper class. No that there is no middle or upper class in Colombia, but the percentage of the middle and upper class Colombians is way smaller, compared to the large percentage of low class Colombians.
In other words, given that Colombia is poor country, where 0,01 % of the population own everything,
the percentage of “Colombian rich girls” is very low.

So how are Rich Colombian Girls?

Colombian rich girls live in the upper class neighboorhoods or in big mansions outside of the big cities.
Rich Colombian partents tend to totally spoil their kids. They always have maids that do everything for them (including doing their homework). They do not have to move a finger in their life.
Don´t expect from these kind of girls that they will cook for you or even clean the floor.
These girls are spoiled to the point that they can not even fry an egg.

Rich Colombian Girls ofen are put in bilingual schools, so chances are good that she will speak English.

Also these are the girls that will study in one of the very few top universities of the countries, where the study fees are so high that only rich colombians can afford it.
In Colombia it is not very common to see women driving their own car.
But if you see women driving in Colombia, it often is an expensive car.
So if you see a woman driving Mercedes or BMW in chico, Bogota, you can bet that she is rich Colombian girl.
These girls only drive short distances, from their house to the shopping mall which often is a 5 minute walking distance and they would never dare to enter other neighborhoods.

These women are prepared for a life outside of Colombia. 

For upper class Colombian parents it is almost normal to send their kids to life, work and study in an other country. It is even a question of pride among rich Colombians. If you are a upper class Colombian and you haven´t managed to send your kids in a first world country, it is seen like a failure.
You have to know that most Colombians can not afford to send their kids to study in other countries.
The only way these girls would accept a life in Colombia is with a job with very high income.
These jobs are resevered for rich Colombians and divided among themselves.
Also, these kind of girls will actually have traveled.
When you screen through Colombian women profiles online, you will find out that many mention “viajar” “travel” among their hobbies.
The truth is traveling for 99% of Colombian girls means visiting the next village, or if the live in the city, visiting the Colombian countryside.
Only Colombian girls from wealthy families or upper class models or prostitutes can afford to travel to other countries.
This is an other point in favor of upper class Colombian girls, because they most likely will have a VISA and they would be able to visit you in the U.S.
Because they have travelled they will also have a more expanded horizon and will be able to discuss different topics with you, compared to other Colombian ladies which never left their city or village their entire life.
One of the downsides of these kind of girls can also be extremely vain and they look down to 99 % of Colombians as if they were inferior creatures.
Rich Colombian girls are mostly very educated, but not always educated in terms of behaviour.
As we have mentioned, basically they are raised by maids thats do everything for them, and they often let them get away with everything.

An other big point in favor of these kind of ladies is that they will have ZERO interest in your money or citizenship. Because they have money and can afford to live in an other country.
These girls will be primarly interested in finding a suitable partner, close the their age.
Rule of Thumb: The wealthier her background the lesser the posibility that she will accept a much older partner.
Some of these girls only accept an age difference of 5 years, whereas 98 % of Colombian girls accept an age difference of 10 – 20 years.

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