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How You Can Benefit From Our Personal Matchmaking Service

There are several reasons why our tour might be the right choice for you, especially if you´re serious about finding a Colombian wife.
Read on to find out if our tour might be the right choice for you!

Here is how you can benefit from our personal matchmaking service:

1. You don´t have time to build up and cultivate contacts and you want to meet some family-oriented Colombian women right away!

Building up contacts and cultivating them sometimes can take some serious patience and time. Also many women of our site do actually have jobs and do not have much time to spend online aswell. If you are a very busy person you might just can´t afford to invest the time it takes to build up and cultivate contacts. The women of our site are willing to meet gentlemen seeking a latin wife right away.

2. Do you know Spanish ?

If the answer is no, we highly recommend you to book our tour, because about 90 % of Colombians don´t speak any or just very basic English. If you book our tour, our matchmaking and translation service for your correspondence with the ladies of our website is included until your arrival in Colombia. In Colombia we will provide you with a professional american interpreter during your stay in Colombia.

3. Have your ever been to South America before ?

If you haven´t been to South America before you will encounter a cultural shock. Because everything is very different to the USA or Europe. Colombia is now much safer than 20 years ago, but it is still very chaotic. Also, you will encounter a country where it will be hard to find anyone speaking English. Colombia is a great country to visit but you will have the best experience with a professional tour guide who will be always there for you during your stay in Colombia. Many of our clients have had great experiences in Colombia, which they wouldn´t have had in the same way if they would have travelled alone. Although safety has improved a lot in Colombia, it still is an issue. To ensure the safety of our clients we provide them with a personal guide and assistant during their stay in Colombia.

4. Meet many family-oriented Colombian women seeking a life partner in a short period of time

Some of our clients had up to 17 dates with beautiful Colombian single women during the 7 days tour!
This is more than 2 dates a day. Our clients were never  brought in situations, where they were just starring at the ladies in silence because of the language barrier. Our tour guide/ interpreter always enganged them in entertaining conversations, providing a natural conversational flow in a relaxed atmosphere.
It is unlikely that you will get to date so many women in such a short period of time in Colombia, if you travel to Colombia by yourself. Colombian women are very distrustful and flakey by nature. Nevertheless, they trust us that we introduce  them to quality gentlemen with serious intentions and take our agency very seriously, since they have to give us their details at registration ( adresses, various numbers ect.) We always have a way to reach them.

5. We will support you in case you want to marry a Colombian woman in Colombia

If you want to marry your colombian lady in Colombia and you don´t speak Spanish and you have no idea how to go about it,
there are many obstacles which can drive you crazy. Colombia does have laws, but they are sometimes interpreted in many ways, depending on the level of incompetence and ignorance of the Colombian authorities. We are very experienced in marriage affairs and we work together with serval notaries, which are experienced in marriages for foreigners. If you want to find out more about marriage in Colombia. Read following article Beyond that we can even host your marriage in Colombia.

6. You are totally determined about finding a Latin wife!

If you´re determined about finding a wife and you don´t just want to stall some ladies, send them some messages now and then, chat with them and then never do the next step. If you will book the tour, all ladies of the agency will be informed, when you will arrive in Colombia. This will vastly increase their interest in you because they will know that your are serious about getting married, or at least meeting them in person.
If you are totally determined about finding a latin wife you have come to the right place.
With our Personal Matchmaking Service you will have the highest chances of actually finding your Latin Soulmate

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