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What makes different from the other dating agencies?

There are serval reasons why our service is the better option for you, if you are serious about getting married with a latin woman.

  • There are serval reasons why our service is the better option for you, if you are serious about getting married with a latin woman.
    Here are some reasons:

    • Our women are all actually seeking marriage with foreign gentlemen.(On other dating sites it will take serious time and nerves to find a colombian girl that is actually seeking marriage as well.)

    • How many men are successful in finding the right latin wife via some dating chat site, then traveling to her home country keeping the contact alive and then getting married? The truth is:
      Only a small percentage of men are sucessfull finding the right latin wife all by themselves!

    • This is why you should leave the matchmaking to professionals, in order to save money, time an nerves.

    • Our female members are quality Colombian women from good family backgrounds. The mayority are even well educated for Colombian standarts. We do not accept prostitutes or webcam models.(If you have been a member of other latin dating sites, you will have found out that many girls just want to offer their web cam services or turn out to be prostitutes.)

    • When you become a member of our agency you can take advantage from our professional translation services from the first contact until marriage.

    • Although the google translater is better than other online translaters,  is still far away from a professional translation. This WILL lead to missunderstandings.

    • Compared to other agencies our translation services are economic because our memberships include unlimited translations. Without extra fees!

    • We do not recommend our clients traveling to Colombia by themselves. Sure Colombia is not as bad as it was in the 80´s but it is still not the safest place in the the world. If you are a survival artist or if have traveled to other Latin American countries before, you can go to Colombia all by yourself without a doubt. Don´t expect Bogota to be like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile or Mexico City.

    • Form our experience, most probably, you will have a much better experience if you choose a professional dating agency to guide and support you through the whole process. Especially if you do not speak any Spanish and have never been to a Latin Country.

    • We do promote Colombian tourism! Colombia is a wonderful country, not least colombian women are world famous for their beauty! Do we do recommend to enjoy to Colombia with the professional guidance of your trusted tour guide.Check out out Bogota romance tour here:

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Guide to understand Colombian Women

A lot of men visit Latin America because the women there are some of the most beautiful in the world and they want to meet them.
I’ve seen a lot of men try hard to attract latin women …with little to no success.

I´m not talking about americanized latin women they can not be compared with "real" latin women living in Latin America.
The usual methods don’t really work on colombian/ latin girls, because their psychology is different.

What Do Latin Women Think
About Men From Different Cultures?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that men from the U.S. and Europe who have gone to countries like Colombia to seek Latinas haven’t left such a good impression.

Many men have gone to Latin countries and have been seen having sex with prostitutes and ugly-looking women. Every woman, no matter where she’s from, has something in her head called “pre-selection”. That word means that women are attracted to men who surround themselves with women of high value.

It’s probably happened to you that an ex girlfriend starts looking interested in you because she sees you with another more attractive girl. The problem is that pre-selection can also be negative. And most foreigners who have gone to Latin America have shown a poor pre-selection.

 For this reason, Latinas tend to associate foreigners with that bad image the others have left before.
There are 3 types of tourists in Colombia.

1. Adventurers =
Young backpackers traveling through South America.

2. Hippies = Drug tourists

3. Sex tourists

(None of the above really wants to get serious with a Colombian woman.)

Nevertheless, they know that foreign men are sincere, honest, respectful family oriented ect.
Many of them have heared positive stories from their friends that married a foreign man.
This is why these women join the agency.

So what kind of men are Colombian Women seeking ?

First, lets make clear what they are not seeking in foreigners:
Most Colombian women are not just seeking a one night stand, because they will think that you
are just a sex tourist. More than that, they are afraid to be labled a slut, due to the religious
and moral bounds of her culture.

All women in this agency, or lets say in Colombia, are looking for same ideals.
They want to form a family, with a sincere and respectful, kind, affectionate and honest husband.
No more! Thats all!

Whats the big deal then? Can´t they find a sincere, respectful and honest husband in Colombia?
The answer is no, because they don´t exist.

If you can convince them that you meet the above criteria you will be the man of their dreams.
Its just as simple as that.

If she flakes on you do not get mad. Latin women are the flakiest of the world. This culture doesn’t care about time and compromises. In a country where there is no future, time just doesn´t matter. A terrible mistake that guys usually make is to show themselves so mad because some Latin girl flaked on them.

Some guys even send messages telling the girl that it was so rude to have flaked.
Don´t do it. That she flaked on your doesn´t mean that she doesn´t care about you.

Sounds illogical. Well latinas sometimes are illogical. They think backwards. She most probably wants to meet in a different occasion. When a Latin girl knows that a man got mad at her for it, she prefers neither to say she was sorry nor to answer the phone ever. Because she feels embarrassed.

However, if you can understand their culture you will have a big advantage over other men and it’ll be easy to win their heart.

The situation of the modern Colombian women

The modern colombian woman of today, especially women from Bogota and Medellin are much different now then Colombian women
from, lets say, 30 years ago.

About 20-30 years ago in the Colombian countryside, arranged marriages with underage women to much older men, where something totally normal. 

The common believe was that women should not study or learn a profession, rather they should just give birth and  raise as many children as possible. Women with 10 - 15 children were  not unlikely in these days.

When female emancipation hit Colombias big cities, the ideals of Colombian women changed.
Suddendly they didn´t just wanted to spend their lives in raising 10-15 children, but instead they wanted to study and pursue careers.

They started to create their own fashions and feel independent.
In Bogota and Medellin you will find one of the most educated women of all Latin America.
In modern professional life Colombian women are seen almost as equal to men . This means that women are accepted in higher positions, even though they still earn about 25% less than male co-workers who are working in the same position.

They still can not be compared to some american or european women who have in mind to pursue a carrer and nothing else.

It is still hard for a Colombian women to become independent as they wish.
Due to the lack of sexual education, naivete and imprudence many women get pregnant at a young age and 95% of these women are left behind  alone by the begetter and never hear from them again, once they find out that she´s pregnant.
They think that the guy who told her that he loves her will be her future husband and will take care of her and the child forever, but in the most cases its not the case.

For these women its more difficult to pursue a carreer, because they have to raise their children by their own.

I give you an example:
After high school a Colombian girl studies 3-4 years in a university and if she is lucky she´ll get "a good job" in a bank and will earn about
350 USD the month.  After a couple of years she can sleep herself up (Sorry but I´ve seen this too many times. This is a reality in Colombia) to about 500 USD. In fact I´ve met serval beautiful "bilingual secretaries" that didn´t know English at all.

The rent of just a room, a room not an apartment, costs 250 USD.
The cost of living is higher than in other cities.
Bogota is 53rd most expensive city in the world for expats. 
Find our more here. 


- Modern Colombian women have more opportunites today to become independet then 25 years ago, especially in Bogota.

- The girls want to study and pursue careers and get somewhere in life instead of just giving birth to children.

- Still the percentage of women who reach real independence is very low, due to the low salaries and the high cost of living.

- Real ambitious Colombian women, dont waste time with Colombian men, do not have kids, they only focus on their careers and when they hit their 40´s they realize that they´ve spent their half life  paying the mortgage for her small apartment and that she is still alone.

- I´ve met beautiful Colombian women that prefer not to have Colombian boyfriend again and rather stay alone forever.

- For me  it is still an illusion that Colombian women can become independent, if they pursue a "career" and end up in a dead end 9 to 5 job. (I havent met a single Colombian girl that could afford her own apartment or room and make an independent living with her salary, rather than just to survive.)

Are you interested in getting to know Colombian Women?
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You can contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Start Dating Colombian Women

What makes Colombian women different to women in your Country?
Find out if Colombian women might be the right alternative for you!

1. Age difference isnt such a big deal with Colombian women.

In Colombian culture its an age difference of about 20-25 years is totally normal. This mean that in Colombia beautiful 20 yeared old girls marry a 40 yeared men and its totally normal.
A recent survey from the women of the agency has shown that 85% are willing to date men 15 - 25 years older than themselves.

2. You dont have to be DiCaprio to be attractive to Colombian Women.
Colombian guy are not very attractive both in their looks and their personality. Colombia men are disrespectful and notoriously unfaithful.
In fact, violence against women is a big topic in Colombia.
Every six hours, a Colombian woman is being abused  by  some type of violence with a daily average of about 245 victims. Between 2001 and 2009, more than 26,000 women became pregnant because of a rape, and in the last decade about 400 000 were abused. The Social Ministry has registered more than 1,950,000 displaced: 30 % left their homes due to sexual violence and 25 %  suffered from raped in refuge camps. Very few cases are prosecuted.

3. Bring some heat back into your life.Colombian women are very optimistic, cheerful, “caliente” and passionate  in all senses.
Some American, Canadian and European girls are often very shy and emotionally dead.

4. Marry a woman with real family values.
It is hard to find women with real family values in North America & Europe.
In the first world family values are sometimes seen as old fashioned.
Family is very important to a Colombian woman. Her ultimate dream to form a nice family with a nice and sincere husband.

5. Colombian women are modest.You don´t have to be a millionaire or own a mansion in order that Colombian woman finds you attractive!
Remember that Colombian women have to live in their family house with their parents, brothers and grandparents.
If you are living in a 50 m2, 2 room, apartment it will totally OK for her.
You dont have to spend hundreds of Dollars in them in order to keep them entertained.
Colombian women are seeking a simple but secure lifestyle.

6. Colombian women make good wives!Due to the culture a colombian woman is well educated in the sense of how to treat her man. Cleaning the house, cooking and taking out the trash is absolutely no big deal for them. They will do it with a smile.

7. You´ve had it with the women in your country.
Women in first world countries can be complicated sometimes. Many of them have been brainwashed by the media and society with false ideals. If you´ve had some bad experiences with dating local women and are single now for serval month/ years.
Now is the time to try something different.

Enter the world of latin VIP dating. 

Meet beautiful Colombian women seeking men now!

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